Glencraft (Founded 5th October 1843)is a manufacturer & supplier of high quality mattresses, divans and furniture. We have been supplying well-rested people across Scotland for 170 years from our base in Aberdeen. We also assemble standard-sized and bespoke-sized divan bases. Our showroom offers a range of bedroom furniture. We are a social enterprise for crafts people with a variety of abilities and disabilities.

Our Glencraft culture is all about having the freedom to be who you are and enjoying what you do. We try to build that spirit of fun and independence into our beds.

Every Glencraft mattress and bed is built from the finest of materials, from the smooth, sturdy pine that makes our divan bases, to the individually coiled springs and felted wools and cottons in our mattresses. You will find our beds in royal residences, premium hotels, on oil platforms and in the homes of many well-rested people.

We believe that a bed isn't just where you sleep, it's where you dream, plan your future, solve problems and put the world to rights. It's where you relax, have fun and be yourself. Your bed is where you read of great adventures or write the next great novel, hide under the covers or leap forward to embrace the day. Your bed might be where your family meets on a Sunday morning or it could be your own personal sanctuary. Your bed is a vital part of who you are and because we rejoice in the fact that everyone's a little bit different, we've built our beds with distinct personalities.

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Charity Registered in Scotland - SCO41352

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We specialise in manufacturing High Fire Rating Mattresses

Our own manufactured Crib 7 & Crib 5 rated mattresses are considered the best in the industry and is widely used at Offshore Accommodation platforms, Marine Shipping, Hotels, Letting properties and student accommodation.

Bespoke sizes are our speciality - just ask us for the size you want!

please contact us on 01224 873366 or email sales@glencraft.co.uk